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While many realtors are eager to show up, take your listing and post it, my sellers and I take a longer view that provides a greater return.  I create a master staging plan...a list of things the sellers can do, a list of things I can do, and we work toward a stunning visual presentation.

Laurie Easterlin, Keller Williams.

AvoidThe Listless Listing

A "must-read" for those who have lived in a home for more than ten years. 

Are you thinking of selling a home you've lived in for a long time?  There are many secrets to instantly bringing a home up to date without spending a fortune.  Read my latest article on the subject. 

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I grew up thinking all little girls drew house plans.

My grandfather was a major developer, building hundreds of homes.  Real estate was as common to me as bread.  At seven, I began spending summers designing dream houses...shifting windows, elevations...surrounded by pencils, drafting paper, erasers and dreams.  Five years ago, a plan I had saved for 30 years became my dream home on the Savannah River.  At the same time, I decided to become a realtor.    I've loved every home we've ever owned.  Whether it is your first home or your retirement dream, I'm there.  I'm in.    Let me deliver your dreams to your front door.

It's YOUR world.  LIVE in it.

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Why Choose Me?

If you are a seller, your home will be prepared and marketed at its best, with my staging expertise and fantastic photographer, garnering the most possible online interest.  If you are a buyer?  I will work on your schedule to find your dream home, even if that means going out with one spouse and catching up with the other to accommodate work schedules.  If you are downsizing or moving an elderly parent?  I will work with you, even long distance, to make the process as easy as possible.  My goal is to make the process an experience that results in years of enjoying the place you call home.  

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